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5 Reasons Why You Should Take an Online Yoga Class

You may have heard a yoga teacher offer virtual yoga sessions and you’ve been wondering, is it for me? Here are my top 5 reasons why you should take a yoga class online.

Is there any proof?

Time and time again studies have shown with rather remarkable evidence that nature has such profound positive effects on our mental health.

It shows that people who are more connected with nature feel more happy, experience less anxiety and find life to be more worthwhile.

What are the benfits?

But it’s not just the mental benefits you enjoy too, studies also show that increased exposure to nature is associated with a lower BMI with reduced chance of obesity and heart disease.

If you live in the city then it can be challenging to find some nature to connect with when you’ve got just a tree stuck in some pavement, if that.

This is why city folks have all the more reason to get out and drive outside the city, even to the suburbs to experience nature on a more regular basis. The effects may not be as profound at first but like many things, over time the benefits can compound quite rapidly.

Connect with Nature to disconnect

So next time you’re thinking of meeting up with friends or family, instead of staying indoors, why not suggest an outdoor adventure at a local park to get some of that all important nature time!

It doesn’t hurt to create a jungle oasis in your home either. There are many beautiful house plants you can add to nurture and enjoy.

Let’s take this moment in gratitude of nature!

About Kineesi Enjoy yoga from the comfort of your own home, hotel, RV, or wherever you are at. Previously known as Movement by MaryAnngeline and Yoga House Co. Same access, new brand. A full library of professionally-led yoga flows anytime, anywhere.

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