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Everyone deserves REST


Whether we’ve just come home from work or experienced a highly stressful situation, finding time to properly rest can be surprisingly tough!

There is no one way to rest, let’s make that clear. Everyone’s definition of rest varies, but here is a 3 step framework you can do before your own definition of rest to help you ease into it with just a little less resistance.

  1. Breathwork. If you have your own routine, start with that for a few minutes. If breathwork is new to you, try just counting your breaths 1 to 5 with each inhale and exhale, remembering to come back to focusing on the breath if you catch yourself getting distracted. Don’t forget to not beat yourself up if you get distracted, the point is in making the effort!

  2. Gratitude reflection. Studies routinely show that those who practice gratitude are routinely happier and live longer. Start with just one thing you are even mildly grateful for. If nothing comes to mind, just think of a recent interaction where your instinct was to say thanks.

  3. Legs up the wall pose. We’ve done a lot of mental work, lets let the body take a chill pill too! Super simple but effective. Just start with your nearest wall, scoot your bottom to the wall, lie down and walk your legs up the wall creating an L shape. It can help elongate the spine and stretch those often overworked back muscles that sorely need a rest!

Try these 3 recommendations today and see if it makes that rest period all the more restful!

Happy Resting, MaryAnngeline

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