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Full Moon Ritual For Clearing and Cleansing Negativity

Over centuries, humankind has witnessed the cyclic power of the moon both on the physical realm and the spiritual. Harnessing the natural cyclic energy of the moon when performing our rituals can amplify the positive impacts and often feels energizing and refreshing.

Here’s just one simple full moon ritual you can start with today!

Complete those odd jobs you have lying around. You can almost think of the full moon as the end of one cycle. So it’s a great time to clean up any loose ends, finish small errands, and get a bit more organized. You don’t have to do everything, but starting with the most accessible or most important won’t hurt! To aid in clearing the negativity repeat this mantra as you are finishing small errands or cleaning your space to move out any stuck negative energy in the area and held in any objects. "I cleanse my home of heaviness and negativity. Space and completion brings joy to my life." This will help clear all energy regardless if its from you, your family or friends. As an extra bonus if you have sage, use it as a tool to help smudge out the negativity once you've completed your task. Think of it as an extra helping hand. If you prefer a sage spray rather than burning sage, check out this HANDMADE SAGE SPRAY created by my sister Athanasia :) Mahara Rose SAGE SPRAY

Happy Ritual and Clearing, MaryAnngeline

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