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It's TIME for something NEW!

Was the class better or are you out of your resistance?

After class the other day, I had a student approach me and she told me that my class has gotten better. She quickly backpeddled and said not that my first or second class that she took from me weren't amazing but this one felt better. She ended her statement with "Well now I know where you're going because I am understanding your teaching style". So this brings up the question, when taking a class with a new teacher is there resistance because the teacher is new and their teaching style is unfamiliar therefore you don’t know where they’re going and you are unable to predict their cueing? Or is it something completely different. The unknown can potentially make someone feel uncomfortable because most of us like to know what's coming next. It is hard to live in the moment and not want to predict and prepare for the next moment. Can we create space to embrace and welcome the unknown of where the teacher may take you? Can we be open to and not worry about the direction of the class? On the flip side it is amazing to be comfortable in a class, to be able to close your eyes and just move and breathe and not worry about anything. Can we create this space whether the teacher is new or not? I think it is important to have a balance of both. To practice in a space of predictability, of potentially knowing what is to come next. In this space we can really fine tune on things we are working on, peel back layers that unfold with time and notice the subtle changes in our physical and emotional body. However when practicing in a space or with a person that is new and unpredictable we challenge ourselves, find different pathways of movement, we can snap out of the usual routine where we may just graze over things because they become mundane and potentially build not the best habits. So just like anything there are positives and negatives about both. What I do know is if we alternate and find balance within the two, practicing the same and integrating the new we will continue to grow. This is why I always say its important to cross train by finding new movement modalities or different styles of yoga and incorporate them into your movement schedule. This allows us to continue to evolve and find balance :) Maybe this is the month you try something new to add to your movement practices. Next on my list is rock climbing. Happy moving my friends! Until Next Time, MaryAnngeline

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