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Nourish your Spirit with Creative Journaling!

You may have heard a yoga teacher offer virtual yoga sessions and you’ve been wondering, is it for me? Here are my top 5 reasons why you should take a yoga class online.

We may have heard of the benefits of journaling, but creative journaling just takes those benefits to a whole new level.

Creative journaling, simply put, is similar to normal journaling, but the emphasis is placed on not just writing what you did in the day, but to think of how to solve problems, brainstorm ideas and well…get…creative! That means it doesn’t just have to be in written form, drawing is allowed, poetry goes, anything goes!

Contrary to popular belief it doesn’t even have to have a purpose. In fact, one of the best ways to get started is by just writing what comes to mind, even if it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. If writing isn’t a good habit yet, this lowers the barrier to entry and kickstarts a super useful habit.

Here’s why creative journaling is so nourishing for the spirit:

1. It’s perfect for brainstorming ideas

Ideas are wonderful but they can get jumbled in our heads, or even worse…forgotten. Creative journaling gives us freedom to express those ideas without feeling any sort of judgment in a format that works best for us, be it drawing, scribbling, writing in bullet points, whatever works for our individual needs!

2. It silences our inner critic

How many times have you had a thought or idea, but put it to bed because it sounded too ridiculous or embarrassing? Creative journaling gives us a judgment free space where we can express our deepest thoughts and desires. It also makes us realize that when put out on paper, those hairbrained ideas could be our next stroke of genius!

3. It improves creativity

Most people understand the value of creativity but few people realize it has to be practiced and developed much like any skill. With robots automating more and more tasks, there’s one area that robots can’t quite beat humans in so there’s no better time to bulk up that creative muscle. Like anything, regular repetition even if it feels ‘unsuccessful’ or ‘fruitless’ at first is the key to boosting this all important skill.

Try just writing 25 words today for anything that comes to mind. Maybe even reply to this email and save it as a draft or send it over so I can see if it’s actually helping you!

Trust me, I have always had the hardest time journaling and one day my sister, Athanasia nudge me into a challenge for myself and here I am, emailing about creative journaling!

One last note, I find it easiest to creative journal after meditation :)

Happy Journaling!

About Kineesi Enjoy yoga from the comfort of your own home, hotel, RV, or wherever you are at. Previously known as Movement by MaryAnngeline and Yoga House Co. Same access, new brand. A full library of professionally-led yoga flows anytime, anywhere.

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