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Kineesi Scholarship Program

Thank you for your interest in applying for the 3 Month Scholarship Program. I am so honored to have you join me on this epic journey and discover the beauty that lies within. This 3 Month Program is for you if you want to join the Kineesi Community but have a hard time paying for membership at this time. By applying for this scholarship, it offers you the opportunity to try out the full platform not only to see if you like it, but also, to receive the benefits of all the instructional material. At the end of the scholarship we will share opportunities with you to continue as a member. 


As an expression of gratitude to the movement (kineesi) that has helped many throughout the years, I offer this scholarship for those who are truly seeking guidance through the healing art of movement (kineesi) that are in a financially difficult time in their life. If you are serious about your desire to practice with the Kineesi Community and feel that the scholarship program is for you, we invite you to apply. After reviewing your application, we will email you the decision that was made based on your responses. We look forward to moving with you on your mat and in your journey!

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