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Mindful Walking: The HOW and WHY

Everyone knows the importance of a daily yoga practice, but it can be difficult to find the time. Here are some tips on how to make your yoga practice a priority in your busy schedule.

If you find mindfulness while sitting still a bit challenging, you might want to consider mindful walking instead.

It has all the benefits of mindfulness at rest, but you get to boost your heart rate a bit and depending on when or where you do it, catch some sun while you’re at it. This way you get both the physical and mental benefits! Need I say more?

So here’s how you can do some mindful walking yourself when you have 5 minutes spare today!

First, start walking :) Second, start really getting in touch with your senses. Start with your body, notice how it feels.

Think of how your foot hits the ground with each step.

What can you smell? What details can you see with your eyes that you normally gloss over?

Just thinking about these things is all mindfulness is! You don’t need to tick everything off on this list, just being more aware of your senses is all it takes.

So what are you waiting for? Get walking mindfully today and watch tranquility follow.

Happy Walking!

About Kineesi Enjoy yoga from the comfort of your own home, hotel, RV, or wherever you are at. Previously known as Movement by MaryAnngeline and Yoga House Co. Same access, new brand. A full library of professionally-led yoga flows anytime, anywhere.

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