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Signs From The UNIVERSE

I absolutely love how the universe works!!!

This past week my sister Athanasia called and was frantic because of a major, gigantic, well really enormous spider on her kitchen counter. She’s not one to have a fear of spiders, in fact I am the one that has a fear of spiders and I am trying to heal that fear. Growing up, spiders have always been around me and in the most weird and unordinary places. I can give you many stories that would shock you with where I find spiders or better yet where they find me.

I believe in messages through animals and insects, therefore throughout the years I have researched the meaning of spiders. What I came to find out is that the symbolism of the spider represents creativity and a balance between manifesting and calling in personal power.

So back to the story. When my sister was on the phone with us she definitely embodied how I would react to a spider, a very uncontrollable fear of almost needing to completely remove herself from the house rather than figure it out. As I was laughing my way out of the room I felt bad for her but I also felt a relief that someone finally understands how I actually feel, even when I see the tiniest of spiders. After her experience I realized I really haven’t seen many spiders in the past year which is very odd because it was typically a weekly occurrence.

A few days later I was sitting on my computer creating a playlist for a yoga class and this one song came up that was beautiful, very grounding and a connective song. A song that gives you the feeling of movement but also of stillness. The name of this song is KOYANGWUTI by the group Daya Dova. And because the song was in a language I did not understand I decided to research what the title of the song meant. Oh and you will get a kick out of this.

KOYANGWUTI is the spider grandmother… In myths of the Navajo tribe she is referred to as spider woman. And this goddess is the creator of the universe webbing the universe as a whole. She is said to have crafted all beings and gave them souls. What a beautiful meaning that she has.

The following day I went to teach a yoga class and prior to the start of the class the same song played. As I listened to this song, I started to giggle to myself because as I looked to the left, sure enough crawling towards my mat was a little spider.

I couldn’t control the laughter within! So as a student stared at me a little awkwardly I said I’m gonna tell you a little story right now. And I told the class the story of my sister and the spider and how now there was a spider crawling toward me as the song played. Everyone got a kick out of my story. But it doesn’t end here!

The next day I woke up went into the bathroom did my morning routine came back into my bedroom and on my bed was a little spider crawling right across the sheets. The day after that I told my sister about the spider in my bed and she’s like, "well I guess you got your manifesting mojo back." It seems that once spiders are in my life my energy is more clear and I’m able to manifest more things into existence. A couple days later there was another little spider crawling across my bed as I went to go to sleep.

Long story, I guess spiders will always be in my world and I’ll just have to accept it and learn to become their friends :-) I would love to hear your stories too! Especially if you have an experience with an insect or an animal that’s ever present in your life. Do you know what the meaning of that is? If not maybe this is your sign to look into it.

Wishing you all my best!

Until Next Time,


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